While her dreams may be finally coming true, the expectant mum insists she has no plans of combining her successful career — including a Grammy nomination — with her personal life.

“I don’t think it’s that much a part of me, to be honest,” she says of her decision to not tell her future children of her pop star days.

“It’s something I’ve done, that I enjoyed doing, and I may go back to doing it in years to come, but I’ve got to believe that there is more.”

What will take center stage, then? Raising her kids in as normal and family-oriented environment as possible, Allen explains.

“It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my childhood, because I did, but I suppose I was always quite fascinated by how a normal family would operate,” she muses. “Because everyone I knew when I was growing up came from divorced parents. I do remember when I had my first proper boyfriend at 16, going to his parents’ house in Ireland and we all sat round had dinner together and I was really overwhelmed by the whole thing.”

– Anya Leon

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