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You've read our thoughts on the Centers for Disease Control's effort to ban smoking in films and TV, so we thought we'd check in with Emmy nominee and lung cancer survivor Kathryn Joosten to get her sassy view on the matter.

The outspoken babe, who told us she has "no cancer at this time" (yay!) has bigger fish to fry than the CDC.

"I have to condemn the American Cancer Society," Kath told us over Emmy weekend. Why's that, K?

"Certainly I understand smoking is an issue, but it's not the only reason for lung cancer and other diseases," the Desperate Housewives star told us at the Emmy nominee reception, looking fab and spunky, as usual, in purple.

"To spend so much time and effort on just that distracts from attention that should be paid on finding a good diagnostic procedure or to find some better search and targeted therapies."

Continued Joosten: "And I have to condemn the American Cancer Society. They are such an albatross—they are 20 years behind the times, and their statistics are 20 years behind the times.

"Little-known fact about the American Cancer Society: When you donate money to the ACS and designate it for a specific disease, unless it's for more than $4,500, it goes into the general fund. You know when it says, ‘In lieu of flowers make a donation to the ACS'? It's bull. It doesn't happen."

With the help of ACS or not, Kath is back to her sassy self.

"I'm perfectly healthy," she smiled when we asked how she's doing.

But as for whether she'll be back facing what's sure to be another big battle on the divalicious set of Desperate Housewives this season: "Who the hell knows?"

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