Don’t worry, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans: Danielle Staub may have bid that show farewell, but she’s not planning to disappear from reality television altogether.

“I’ve been approached by some very large networks and production companies that are very happy to try to steal me away from Bravo,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m keeping my options open now.”

As for a show format? It will be all Staub — all the time.

“It will be my own show but it will be a lot more of me,” she says, laughing. Also joining her prospective show: her daughters Christine, a model, and Jillian, who has recorded a song. “It will be everyone who is around me every day who loves me and cares about me and it will cover the relationships we have,” she says.

But don’t expect a completely lovey-dovey atmosphere if the show makes it to air. “We do fight. And we get into it. There’s a lot of drama in my life,” says Staub, 48. “But there’s also a lot of resolve. Wouldn’t it be great to have that?”

“I think people who want to see more of me might be careful what they wish for,” she says. “There’s a lot more of me to come! I’m the Susan Lucci of reality TV.” – Charlotte Triggs and Rennie Dyball

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