How does the saying go? Hell hath no fury like a young pretty boy scorned? Yeah, pretty sure that's it. And, girlfriends, is Parrish Maguire ever pissed!

First, it's important to note, we rarely, if ever, run the same Blind Vice star on concurrent Fridays. But Parrish must be so peeved these days—as we noted in last week's installment—that he's taken to...

Doing the exact opposite of what his worried handlers have been telling him to!

Now, remember how we told you the hunky celeb Maquire's handlers chastised him for too openly getting his (closeted) gay on at parties and select guys-only events? Yep, and Parrish did not like being told to curb his natural man-on-man desires, and, as a result, started getting pretty nasty with his friends—taking his bad mood out on an unlucky few.

But now, Parrish seems to have had a change of heart, and more recently, is directing the frustrations of living a closeted celeb life out on the very people who told him to watch it: his peeps.

Fabulously passive-aggressively, Parrish can be seen riding around town in a ridiculously expensive toy that belongs to one of the primary folks Parrish's management team told him to stay the hell away from.

Love it! It's like a daughter who decides to marry the bad-boy because her 'rents told her not to!

You keep the rebel up, Mr. M! We're likin' you a whole lot better all of a sudden.

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