Why I Want To Be Osama Bin Laden s Publicist Just before the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden released a new videotape. Osama recently released yet another message calling for new attacks. The hype surrounding the release of Osama s new tapes got me to thinking-- if Osama was a rap star or a big movie actor like Tom Cruise, I would probably be the richest publicist on the planet. So rich I could buy up all the world s oil and sell it in cute little bottles at the 99cent store. He seems like he would be a typical client... always wanting the world to hear what he s got to say. And, he would always be coming up with some new idea or theory for me to publicize. Just like most celebrity clients, he would be somewhat hard to get on the phone. It wouldn t matter if people liked me or not because I would be holding the key to the voice of the most notorious person on the planet. Imagine it. This guy releases a new tape almost every year and if it was available on iTunes, it would make a killing (not literally). He changes the color of his beard and people pay attention. Osama is, in fact, the new Britney Spears. And just like Britney, at some point people will no longer pay attention to what he has to say and who knows, one day an Osama tape just might flop. But none of that will happen until Osama walks the red carpet in a hideous outfit. But then, that would be new, news right? Prada Jones is a former publicist and writes a daily blog about how brand and name recognition move quickly online, on television, in print and in every possible media platform with an entertaining, bold voice. Check out her blog at
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