Toronto is a city full of surprises. Besides being the largest city in Canada, it has many of its own characteristics which make it unique. Below is a list of eight interesting facts as an evidence... Toronto is smoke free - Since the city has passed the third phase of the of the No Smoking By-law, all bars, restaurants, workspaces, bowling centres, dinner theatres bingo halls, casinos, billiard and racetracks are required to be smoke-free. Smoking is banned in all enclosed spaces in the province which are public. Lots of Canadians to meet - One quarter of Canada’s population lives within a 160 km radius of Toronto! Diversity - Besides being a bilingual city, 43% of Toronto s population consider themselves as visible minority. Chinese, South Asian, Black and Filipino minorities all add to the colorfulness and diversity of the city. Large amount of educated people - Over half of Toronto s labour force has a university degree or college diploma. Money - Toronto is the largest and most important financial centre in all of Canada and the fourth largest important economic centre in all of North America. Walkpaths - Toronto has 10,033 different streets and more than 7,000 km of sidewalks! If you like green areas, there s lots of them. 8,000 hectares of ravines, valleys, woodlots, waterfront natural areas, parks and farmlands. You have plenty options to choose from! Safety - Besides a great police force with good reputation, Toronto has a CityWatch program that encourages City workers and professional emergency services to be more aware of and alert to what is going on around them during the normal course of their work day. Attraction - At 550 meters, the CN tower is the tallest free standing structure in the world and it is located in downtown Toronto. You can take the glass elevator to the 340 meter foot glass floored outdoor observation deck for a bird s eye view of the city. Julie Kinnear has been helping people in Toronto sell and buy their homes for the last 13 years. She knows her city inside out and has been an award winning realtor for many year. To find out more about real estate in Toronto , visit
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