If you have searched for hairstyles for medium length hair , you may have been a little bit dismayed at the options. Medium length hair, most often categorized as hair that ends from below your ears to just around shoulder length, can be hard to wear well, but with a little effort and consideration, you can find a style that suits you. One excellent idea for women who are looking for new hairstyles for medium length hair is the addition of bangs. Far from being a boring fringe across your eyebrows, you can cut your bangs in a variety of ways to achieve an fun, modern look. For women with longer, oval faces, think about cutting your bangs to hang around mid-cheek level, emphasizing the contours of your face. For something a bit more daring , think about having your bangs cut in an asymmetrical style; this is an especially attractive look if you have a rounder face. (See below for the best way to test different hairstyles on YOUR face shape). If your hair has a lot of body, this can be a problem, creating a puffed look. Even a faint hint of curl can give your hair too much body and make it spring up. If your hair is curly or just naturally prone to frizz, you might want to speak with your stylist and see if an undercut is possible. Another way to combat puffiness is to consider a styling product that will not only tame your locks but encourage them to hold gentle waves. Loose waves can be quite attractive on medium length hair; just try to avoid a tight curl, which will make your face seem overly wide. If you are looking for hairstyles for medium length hair , there are more options than you think. There are lots of looks available to you, so keep looking until you find the perfect one! See what YOU look like with different hairstyles for medium length hair AND the latest celebrity hairstyles - view them on your own uploaded photo now! Try On 5,000 Hairstyles! FREE Demo
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