About 35 million senior citizens are residing in the U.S. whose average life expectancy is 77.9 years. This is going to increase further in the coming years due to the availability of better living conditions and improved health facilities. Providing accommodation to these senior citizens is one of the challenging aspects encountered by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. A mother-in-law apartment or house is a unique concept that has evolved as a probable solution to this kind of problem. A mother-in-law apartment or a home can be aptly described as an accessory dwelling unit or a secondary suite that is associated with the primary residence. These sorts of dwelling units are primarily constructed with a separate entrance, kitchen, bathroom and a living area. The primary objective of constructing such a dwelling unit is to provide accommodation to an elderly relative who is unable to lead life on their own. Apart from being in close proximity to the near and dear ones, this concept also ensures maximum privacy and freedom to the senior citizens. Several municipalities do not permit construction of a secondary suite since they are not originally included in the building plan and violate the district zoning regulations. However, there are certain municipalities that permit the construction of a mother-in-law apartment on the clause that these units should not be given on rent and must be occupied by an elderly relative. Mother-in-law apartments or granny flats offer quite a number of advantages. An elderly person can take up the responsibility of a nanny, overseeing the general well being and security of the growing kids. They can also take a major role in house-hold management and important household responsibilities like receiving courier, or attending phone calls. Apart from these, mother-in-law apartments can also be used as a potential source of earning retirement income. The homeowner can himself move into the granny flat and rent out the main house. With the growing inflation, mother-in-law apartments also provide a money saving and economical alternative to independent living or assisted living facilities, both of which are quite expensive. Check Out More Articles: Las Vegas Real Estate Broker Online , Refinance Home Equity Loan , Nevada and Savanah Vacation Houses Condos
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