Why Harry Potter the movie became one of the most fascinating movies? While we all know that the movie is full of visual effects created with the aid of the advance technology, the effects to the movie goers seems to be overwhelming and it does tickle most of the crowed. Why such a movie becomes so accepted by movie goers? Where did it start anyway? It all started from the imaginative minds of the writers. That using a descriptive technique, lets a reader visualizes the situations in which it stimulates the fiber senses human. The vivid presentation of scenes in the written version of the story is a factor that it could be presented in the wide screen. The second factors to consider will be the producer who wants to venture on the said story. That what is written will be accepted by the movie goers. In here, the massive advertisement plays a vital role for a movie to be watched. Advertisements of preview scenes could stimulate also the audience senses. The nicest way of advertisement is when a famous star is announcing to the public via interviews that the movie is good. It adds color and intensity to the movie. The last factor to be looked on will be the characters. Most of the celebrities started from the bottom. Celebrities’ key advertiser is their manager. This person (the manager) is the one marketing for a celebrity to be chosen on a certain project. The producers are really looking for the best celebrity to represent the character especially the protagonist and antagonist. In some movies or even in a simple TV program, producers are conducting elimination process through challenging obstacles just to select the best one that could perform the personality of the character. There are lots of factors to be considered for a movie to be accepted in the society. The launching should be timely that there are, if possible, no competitor movies launch at the same time. Harry Potter movies, hit the big screen not only because of its quality, but because of the target market â€" the age bracket that composes most of the people going to the cinema. The popularity of the celebrity can be remedied through massive promotions. Of course, a famous celebrity to perform the main character is an advantage to hit the big screen. Advertisements and promotions still have something to do if a movie will be accepted or not. If you notice, most of the famous movies that hit the big screen have more ads than the others. I am fond of collecting beautiful faces and sexy pictures on the net. I spend time online about Celebrities that attracts my attention. View some of my Celebrity Collection
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